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Jim Beam Sauces

After thorough taste-testing and careful scrutiny from the refined palates of the MK staff, we are pleased to offer a whole range of Jim Beam sauces - all made with genuine Jim Beam® Kentucky Bourbon.

Retail packs of 6 x 240ml are available in Original and Cherry flavours. With their distinctive liqour-bottle shape, these will stand out and fly off the shelves. The glass containers have a premium feel and will make perfect gifts for barbeque aficionados and bourbon lovers alike.

We also stock 2.5kg jars in Original, Cherry and new Maple flavours! These sauces are versatile and can be used to make all sorts of meaty, delicious dishes. Vegetarians need not be left out, as they will add a novel and fresh spin on virtually any recipe.

Don't delay - order yours today!

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