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Why not create your own signature brand of salami, dry-aged or cured meat?

The everlasting Stagionatore Seasoning Cabinet has been specifically developed to recreate the optimal conditions to mature salami, cured meats and cheese regardless of our weather.

This sophisticated cabinet provides you with an automatic time, temperature, humidity and ventilation management solution for each stage of salting, stewing and drying when producing the perfect artisan salami, cured and aged meats.

Aroma, consistency and taste is developed during 4 phases:

  • Within hours, the initial increase in cabinet temperature activates the natural fermentation process.
  • Controlled humidity and ventilation regulates the drying process, ensuring uniform size and shape of your product in less than 7 days.
  • Flavours are then enhanced during the seasoning and maturing phase.
  • Ideal temperatures and humidity are regulated during storage and preservation period to extend shelf life and optimise product quality.
The everlasting Stagionatore Seasoning Cabinet provides:

  • The ideal climate through management control of heat, cooling and humidity.
  • Automatic programmable air exchange for better oxygenation for a purer product.
  • Quick and efficient production of a traditional artisan salami within 30 days.
  • Visibility through the glass door for monitoring and creating a dramatic display for your customers.
  • Intuitive and easy to use controller requiring no previous experience.
  • Provides the ability to store up to 20 unique programmes for your favourite recipes.
  • Monitoring system that fully complies with HACCP processes.

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