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The benefits of using Winnings Twines are:

  • Winnings are accredited to BRC Global, which they maintain on an annual basis
  • They are the only BRC accredited Twine Manufacturer in the UK guaranteeing Quality and High Hygiene Standards.
  • There are no contaminants in thier twines e.g. oils, wood, metals etc. that can be present in non BRC twines.
  • BRC compliance insists that Food Contact Materials meet the Legislation as laid down in EC10/2011 of PLASTIC MATERIALS and ARTICLES INTENDED TO COME INTO CONTACT WITH FOOD AND ITS ELEMENTS.
  • All twines are manufactured in a High Hygiene environment and Winnings Twines are all “washed” using a special food safe delustrant. This makes knot tying an easier task and Winnings knots will not slip, competitors twines are not processed in this way and knots tend to slip.
  • Winnings use first grade Viscose Yarn from a European BRC accredited supply – some Competitors do not use first grade yarns and this is reflected in the yellowish/grey colour of their twines,
  • Winnings have been making twines since 1880 and our Customers are safe in the knowledge that the product they buy from us meets all relevant National and International Legislation.
  • All of our twines are traceable from material supply to finished product and delivery, where, in the unlikely event of product recall we can identify which Customer received a particular batch.  


In Conclusion:

Our Customers receive a product that is manufactured to strict legislative requirements thus ensuring “ PRODUCT QUALITY, PRODUCT  SAFETY and PRODUCT LEGALITIES.”


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