Red & Blue Working

Policy Updated 17th March 2020, re Covid-19

The business critical activities are the delivery of goods to customers. At some point in time we may need to reduce our service levels, this policy is in place to maintain service levels at a high standard for as long as possible.

The principle behind Red & Blue working is to reduce the chance of Cross-contamination by social contact.

All Visitors

  • Visitors will not be permitted in the MK building.

    • All customers visiting will be asked to wait outside, and we will bring the goods to them. There will be a notice on the front door (Which will be locked), to ring the office for assistance, or use the buzzer on the roller door. No representatives will be allowed in the building. This information will be communicated to suppliers & Customers by as wider means as practicable.


  • On entry to the building wash hands with soap & water, using sinks in the WC. Men in the Gents, and Ladies in the disabled toilets. The sanitiser station is only to be used if Hot Water and soap is not available.

  • On exiting the building staff should also wash their hands in the same manner.

  • Specific measures within departments will need to take place to reduce staff interaction.

Our Delivery Staff

  • All Drivers have been provided with a Hand sanitiser soap, which is to remain in the vans, to only be used when Hot Water & Soap not be available

  • Drivers will reduce close gatherings where possible.

  • Common Sense would dictate wherever possible they do not enter customers premises. Should they need to enter, proper cleaning of hands should be taken on entering & leaving the customers premises

  • Van Cabs will be sanitised after each trip.

  • Drivers should use the same vans each day, where at all possible.

  • Keep vehicles with a full tank of fuel on returning to depot.

Annex - Home Working

Reducing the possible contact between office, warehouse & delivery staff will ultimately provide the best continuity of business:

An office based, or sales based employee can work from home if they have:

  • A reliable phone connection.

  • An internet connection

  • Suitable personal IT (Laptop, PC) or suitable MK Hardware if available

  • There is adequate cover in the office (50%).

  • They want to work from home.

  • Note: Working from home is NOT a replacement for self-isolation. Staff may still need to come in should management dictate.

  • Things which can be done at home:

    • BACS Banking

    • Banked Cheque Recording (With someone scanning for processing)

    • Card Payment Recording (With some scanning for processing)

    • Tele-sales marketing.

    • Entering orders from Voicemail.

    • Entering orders from

    • Research into sales patterns.

    • Purchase Orders

    • Emails

    • Certain papers could be collected from work, after hours (Or possibly delivered to your home), to be processed at home.

  • What can not be done from home

    • Everything where you need to be physically in the office. (Checking Printer aligned, Opening Mail, Taking Monies to Bank, Posting Letters, Processing documents {Delivery Notes, Invoices, Credit notes}

Contingency plans we are considering:

Customers need to be aware of possible future plans:

  • With reduced staffing levels, orders can left on the answerphone, via or web ordering.

  • We might need to reduce delivery frequency, we suggest customers plan for a 2 weekly service.

  • Late orders cause a particular burden on warehouse staff, orders after 1pm can take the same time to pick as 5 orders before 1pm, and also they are not routed in the correct order.

  • Payments are made by Internet Banking *** If an account is overdue, and accounts staff are not in the office to release an order, this might cause delays in despatch.***

  • We might limit stock to maintain a fair distribution to all customers. We don't want customers to over-order, as this stresses the supply chain, but recommend customers keep 3 weeks stock in hand to cover for the unforeseen.

  • We enforce minimum order values.

  • Use of external couriers / bank staff.

  • Office staff collect work out-of-hours to process at home.

  • Shift working might be considered to separate employees by time.

A Fuller version of this document is available for staff use.