eco Steak Bags 

New for 2019 - Steak Bags (Suitable for any meat, but best advantages are with Steak)

  • Leak resistant (if just water placed in the bag, a few dribbles come from the corners)

  • Plastic Free! - Yes Plastic Free!

  • Suitable for direct (even if the product is wet or blooded) food contact.

  • Product can be frozen in the bag (By consumer, frozen by butcher just does not look right!)

  • Customers can keep product, refrigerated,  in the bag for up to 36 hours.

  • Bag has wet strength, so does not disintegrate.

  • Suitable for all Fresh Food - Meat, Bacon, Deli lines.

  • Allows oxygen to get to the meat (Yes, your steaks will not go as dark as in a plastic bag).

  • 235mm x 310mm size available now, universal price of £42.00 + v.a.t. per 1,000 (Price correct at 28th April 2019), other sizes coming soon.

  • Can be printed with Customers own design. (1 Colour still @ £42.00 + v.a.t. per 1,000, no set-up charge, but minimum of 50,000 bags - Printing includes a small QR Code to point to a website featuring the benefits of the bag - The website will be consumer focused, and hosted by MK.)

  • Available from stock now.  (World Wide interests shown - A Fantastic Opportunity for South West Butchers to lead the way)

  • you can Order online now if you are logged in :  Click Here  (if you need a new password / username please speak to your usual tele-sales representative)

picture of Steak Bags from Andrew James Butchery