Website Update

As many of you are aware we changed computer programs in Oct 2018.  The new computer program enabled greater stock analysis, uniform nationwide pricing, and ease of transparency (especially over Multiple Depots Locations).  However the downside was could not be directly updated.

You will have noticed any prices displayed, and last purchase date information was frozen as that of Oct 2018, and your recent purchases were no longer displayed. These were all linked to old MK Codes, we changed to new stock codes in Oct 2018 so sales did not directly correspond.  Copy invoices, and statements were also no longer available.

** Although Specifications were still correct, and continued to be updated **

Over the coming weeks the Website will be updated.  The plan is:

  • Clean-up Unused Stock Codes / New Stock Codes (W/C 2nd March 2020)
  • Duplicate all codes to Dalziel Stock Codes where a direct match is possible.   (W/C 9th March 2020).
  • Import all Last Purchase Information (W/C 16th March 2020), Bring in live stock count feed.
  • Delete all MK Codes which have a corresponding Dalziel Code (WC 23rd March).
  • Begin a daily update. (W/C 23rd March 2020) - Note this will be an update 1 day in arrears, rather than a pseudo-live update.
  • Future: Bring back Copy Invoices (Including hyperlinked specifications),  We regret it is unlikely we will be able to bring back automatic Order Confirmations, Live Statements or automatic Quotes .... But these will still be available from your usual tele-sales contact. 
  • A new Dalziel Corporate website will also come live over time.

The changes will be done in such a way that no information is lost (There might be duplication for a short period).   At all times availability to your specifications on will be maintained using OLD MK Codes. It is not planned to move the site over to new dalziel codes   (Note we have 2 websites: is the pre 2015 website, and is the post 2015 website).  If you need a reminder of your link for this site website, or a reminder of your password for the .uk website please email

If you need a specification urgently this can always be requested from your usual tele-sales contact, however from 23rd March 2020 it is hoped that once again customers have full visibility on specifications for products you can purchase. (Note where a customer has a bespoke product, this is only viewable to them!)

Thank you for your patience, and please still continue to use Web Ordering if you find it useful